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      Kojic acid

      Kojic acid is a melanin-specific inhibitor that binds to copper ions in cells after entering the skin cells, alters the steric structure of tyrosinase, and prevents the activation of tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin. Kojic acid active agents have better tyrosinase inhibition than other active agents. It has been formulated into various cosmetics and is a widely used cosmetic active agent. Kojic acid has an antioxidant effect in foods, which inhibits the conversion of sodium nitrite into nitrosamines in foods without affecting the taste, aroma and texture of the food. As a production promoter, it has obvious effects on grain and vegetables.

      Product name:

      Kojic acid

      Chemical name:



      Molecular formula:


      Molecular weight:


      Molecular Structure:



      Quality Index ((Q/XXHG03-1999)


      Off-white needle-like crystal or powder

      Melting point:




      Loss on drying :


      Residue on ignition:


      Iron Content:


      Heavy metal:


      Arsenic Content:


      Chloride Content:


      Total number of bacteria:

      General bacteria <300 CPU fungus <100 CPU


      Packing: Aluminum foil bag. 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel. Sealed, Stored in a cool place.

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